WMCCA Testimony

Testimony of President Carol Falk before the State Highway Department - January 5, 2005

Good Evening. My name is Carol Van Dam Falk. I am the President of the West Montgomery County Citizens Association. Our position is unusual in that we normally uphold Master Plans but this highway should have been removed from the Master Plan and we have said so for many years.

The ICC would be detrimental to the communities it goes through. It will bring more traffic to the affected areas than it alleviates. It is not a solution. It will not reduce congestion on the Beltway. If one logically extends the proposed inter-county connector, it inevitably leads to a second River crossing over the Potomac. All of our County Council members oppose a second River crossing. We do too.

We are a Potomac Subregion based zoning and environmental watchdog organization. We are not directly impacted by this decision. We, however take a keen interest in any major road project that will detrimentally affect the County. This is an environmental disaster. It runs right through part of the County that has some of the best water quality, namely, the Paint Branch, and some of the highest caliber parkland in the County. Our County planners didnít have the environmental knowledge ten years ago that we have now.

This is why the ICC should be removed from any Master Plan and abandoned as a waste of time and money. It is a poorly conceived idea. We know a lot more than we did than. It should not be built.

Thank you.